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Week 3 - Assignment

Which techniques work best with which subjects?

On the basis of the exercises I undertook for this assignment, I would say that the following worked best:

Vaseline - I feel that both woodland and the abbey worked well but in different ways. The woodland was good for producing very abstract images and also dreamlike scenes. The abbey worked well although many of the results were quite surreal.

Double exposures - I think these worked really well with flowers and grasses. Using double exposures with boats worked better, in my opinion, with slow shutter speeds so that the images were softer and I think that the best of the vaseline images were those using double exposures in which the direction of the smears was changed between exposures.

Reflections - I feel that these were excellent for producing abstract images. When photographing recognisable subjects reflected in water, I turned all my results round so that they appear the right way up as I didn't find upside-down buildings particularly pleasing.

Fabric - only worked on the widest aperture, otherwise the fibres of the fabric were visible, but the result was a really pleasing soft image. Although I only used this technique on one subject, I would anticipate that it could be used on any subject in order to soften it. I would expect it to work particularly well with plants.

Here are my five favourite images from these exercises:


Double exposures:


And this is my overall favourite - a double exposure of wildflowers whose colours I have inverted in Photoshop:

To improve my images I think I need to

(a) practice the different techniques in different situations, particularly using vaseline and fabric as these are new to me

(b) think more whenever I am out shooting, about the range of techniques that are available and experiment more, not just using one technique.

I think the skill I most need to develop is identifying good compositions.

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